Doing What's Right

My love affair with cars started when I was just a child and has continued to this day. I first began as a data communications technician after college, but when the company I worked for folded, I ended up pumping gas at a local service station to make ends meet. I had just bought a house and a baby on the way and was just trying to make ends meet. The owner of the gas station asked if I would be interested in working on cars and the rest is history. I found what I was meant to do, and I’ve been doing it since. I spent the next 20 years getting the proper industry training and certifications to make sure I was producing a quality product the customer deserves.

After 20 years at that location, I have moved on and started MAIN STREET AUTO. It may be a new name and new location, but it’s the same trusted service you have come to expect. I firmly believe, and my mechanics and I live by it, DO WHAT’S RIGHT FOR THE CUSTOMER AND THE COMMUNITY AS A WHOLE. It’s the reason we come to work ever day. We treat our customers like friends and family. We are your dealer and franchise alternative.