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10 Spring Car Care Tips

  1. Wash your car: Winter weather can leave your car covered in salt, dirt, and grime. Giving your car a thorough wash can help to prevent rust and keep your car looking its best.

  2. Check your tires: Winter weather can also affect your tire pressure and tread depth. Make sure to check your tire pressure and look for any signs of wear or damage.

  3. Change your windshield wipers: Spring rain can make it difficult to see while driving, so make sure to replace your windshield wipers if they're worn or damaged.

  4. Check your brakes: Winter weather can be hard on your brakes, so make sure to have them inspected for any signs of wear or damage.

  5. Check your fluids: Make sure to check your oil, coolant, brake fluid, and other fluids to ensure they're at the proper levels and are clean.

  6. Check your battery: Cold temperatures can weaken your car battery, so have it tested to make sure it's still in good condition.

  7. Inspect your lights: Check all of your car's lights, including headlights, taillights, and turn signals, to make sure they're working properly.

  8. Wax your car: Giving your car a coat of wax can help protect the paint and keep it looking shiny.

  9. Clean your interior: Winter weather can also leave your car's interior looking dirty. Give it a good cleaning to remove any salt, dirt, or debris.

  10. Check your air conditioning: Make sure your air conditioning is working properly before the weather gets too hot. If it's not, have it serviced before the heat of summer sets in.

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